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  • Bryan on 2 Kings 2
    You have to read this in context.

    The whole of chapter 2 in Kings 2 is about the transition of Elijah to Elisha, as foretold.

    They journey in a specific order, from Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho and across the Jordan. This is the exact opposite order of how Joshua came to the promised land, indicating this is how Elijah leaves the promised land. Elisha is tested 3 times to stay but he follows Elijah, showing patient faith. Elijah does not admonish him because it really is a test of Elisha's faith, not Elisha disobeying Elijah. Elijah parts the river Jordan on his way out, and Elisha parts in on his way back, showing he has inherited Elijah spirit and power from God.


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