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  • Mishael on New Jerusalem on Matthew 6:29
    I'm going to tell a little testimony/ story about my son when he was 8.

    He blurted out to me he didn't want to go to heaven if they didn't have pizza. He was really upset.

    I ask questions to nail down objections. So I asked him if he ever noticed how many different kinds of trees were around? Yes.

    Butterflies, puppies, kittens, flowers? Bugs, birds, rocks, mountains and lakes; games we all loved to play, music, and the list grew long. He loved all those things.

    I said that is how God feels too. He loves varieties, differences, colors, shapes. It's never boring; there's always more to see and experience; embrace.

    It follows that New Jerusalem will be similar.

    It will be a place we all love and call our home.

    My hope: it's not like it is here now. Oh yeah... there will be pizza in heaven :)


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