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  • Mishael on Isaiah 43:11
    No one is going to agree on the time of the Caught Up (rapture). IT'S A MYSTERY!

    Trying to predict it is akin to those who predicted 1988 to be that time. It didn't happen.

    The harmony of the gospels all agree that ONLY the Father knows. Jesus is seated at the right hand of God until such time. He's interceding for ALL saints, presently.

    Caught Up clearly means that Jesus will NOT descend all the way to earth (as most have agreed upon). This is happening in the air. We escape the law of gravity in a blink. He meets us, and we are transformed. Those who sleep will rise with their transformed bodies. Jesus our Bridegroom, will take His Bride to a wedding and supper. There will be wine.

    Who cares what exact date that happens? What is the fear? Do we think, oh I still have time to willfully sin a bit longer? Or maybe you'll think about getting loved ones born again? That's so HOLLOW. This is one time not to procrastinate.

    We are TOLD to be ready with our lamps full of the oil of the Holy Spirit. Oil in one hand and "wedding dress" on.

    I have sensed by what I've read, that readiness is the key consideration.

    The Caught Up is NOT the triumphant return. We will not be here when the remainder of unfulfilled prophesies are suddenly fulfilled. Woe to everybody who chooses a TRIB. Don't be a Virgin with an empty Lamp!!!

    Have you timed a twinkling of eye blink?

    Get your last minute cares done NOW. Or you may be LEFT BEHIND. No oil, no wedding apparel, so sorry.

    If you write a book on pre, mid, or post tribulation, I will not buy it. I'm ready to fly now :D


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