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  • Ern on Micah 3
    In Micah ch 1 we are told he spoke to Judah & Samaria (Northern Israel). But in chapter 2 & 3 Micah uses the name of Jacob to identify his audience. Interesting, because the correct names would be Judah & Israel - but Judah means "Praise", which belongs to God. And Israel means "Prince of God", so both names give honour to God. Jacob was the 'father,s' name before it was changed to Israel (Genesis 32). Jacob means "Trickster". So in the use of the names we are being told that the punishment was due to the nation forgetting God, using cunning in worshipping idols, & not giving true PRAISE to the One who called them His people, nor living as PRINCES of God.

    Let us lean from their mistakes.


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