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  • Monica
    Please pray for my daughter Dianna she is 33 yrs old and need urgent healing prayer as to bladder infections for the past five months the antibiotics not working the urologist said she has a blockage in her bladder and even if she uses the toilet her bladder is still full this is cering as she told me her lower tummy is on fire and paining her a lot, her doctor just told her to take pain meds when something terrible maybe happens since her bladder is full all of the time..she is an emotional reck since she is the mum of three little boys and want to live long to raise them and enjoy her kids and generations to come please pray for her in every way possible please she have blood test coming up CT scan but it all seems to be taking so long she will have these done next week, please please I am begging fr God miracle for my daughter to have the bladder working normally please please God heals Dianna completely.Thanking you all for your kind prayer for my daughter. God blessed you Dianna lives in Florida


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