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  • Chris on Psalms 26:2
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    "Why does evil exist, if God is Love?" I'm not sure that there is any connection between the two, because IF that would be the case, then a loving God, to prove His Love & protect His creation, would have to annihilate any design or act of evil that would oppose that love. Thus any attempt at doing evil will be immediately thwarted. Yet, since evil does exist, & God is Love, there must be a part of that Love that permits evil to continue & it can't be that evil was in God's Plan for the entrance of man & His Christ, as that would then compromise His Holy Being, that of Love.

    But if we say, 'but God cannot create evil but planned for its inception into the world', then we're back to the first point, why should God bother with creating everything, all things becoming corrupted, sending His Son to redeem us & restoring the world to what it should have been? Here, I think that the first suggestion would fit well: that God should have just annihilated evil at its root & saved everyone a lot of bother.
  • Mild Bill - in Reply on Psalms 26
    Chris - "Why does evil exist?",because we are in the midst of a story/war being told.Like a lit candle,we have no reference point for how long it has been burning.Only in our pride do we claim a "free will".The question is,free of what?Our sinful nature is focused on God not measuring up to our understanding of how evil should be dealt with,therein we profess a superiority to God.Faith is trusting what God has told us,we speculate,to feed our proud sinful nature.Knowing better than God,is to besmirch him.God has dealt with the issue of sin,only through the work of Christ on the cross, trust him.May God be merciful to you.
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 26
    Mild Bill, you're referring to a longer thread that I had commented in, to Carlos. That was his question: "Why does evil exist, if God is Love?" If you are able to get to read all the preceding comments between us, you will find that he proposed that God created evil in the world, created the first humans with a propensity to do evil, allowed corruption to be in the world, all for the purpose of the entrance of Jesus into the world to save mankind from sin & renewal of all things. So, if your comment to me is based on that proposition & my response to it which opposed all of that, viz, God didn't create evil, that Adam & Eve were created perfect but chose to disobey their Creator & thus brought judgement to themselves & us, & that though God knew that one day His Saviour would be sent for us, it wasn't His design to create all these things for that purpose, then please share what in my comment that you find objectionable.

    Your comments now, don't seem to align with what was said in the referenced thread, therefore, I just wanted to bring the above to your attention.


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