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  • Peter on Hebrews 10
    At least some christians and probably many believe that when they are sick; it is just a matter of asking God for a healing; and many expect it and some expect it, immediately; and God can do it; He has done that, many times and so did Jesus; but that did not stop the world from sinning. Jesus was crucified. So; we sin; get sick and all we have to do is asked to be healed; and If God did that every time and all the time; we would not need Doctors; but the world would still sin. So, is God still suppose to do it simply because we ask? That is up to Him; but I know I wouldn't unless I had the power; and no one has that power unless God gives it; and the healing is in His name.
  • Tyrone Lathan - in Reply on Hebrews 10
    Amen ! god is in control.


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