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  • Rick Mahon on Luke 20
    I have recently heard of the,... "Escape of the Bride". Which supposedly will happen on May 31, 2020. Is this true? Can you explain this to me? How is this different from the Rapture?

    Thank you, God bless!
  • Chris - in Reply on Luke 20
    Rick, this group speaks of the initial taking away of the Church (the pre-Tribulation escape as they call it in 2020), & then the mid-Trib. Rapture of the remaining Church in 2026. All gobbledegook & not Scriptural based.

    I urge you to avoid this sort of stuff as they are just added to the great list of other groups & cults that have attempted to put dates on future biblical events & have failed. Just look at the many attempts by the JWs. The Scriptures urge us to be ready for the Lord's coming, to keep short accounts with Him, & be watchful. There will be world events that will show us that time is getting short (keep your eyes peeled on Israel & Jerusalem), but to put a date & time on these events, is very unwise indeed.
  • Rick Mahon - in Reply on Luke 20
    Dear Chris, Thank you very much for your quick reply! Also, Thank you for confirming my suspicion that the "Escape of the Bride" is nonsense, and detrimental to believers in Christ who are being misled by a group of people who think they can put a date on something where scripture shows NO date!!! God Bless you, and see you when the REAL rapture happens!!! :)
  • Mishael - in Reply on Luke 20
    Only Father God knows the time. Jesus doesn't know it.

    The Bride of Christ is male, female, young, old, children; Born again deceased, pre-born.

    Don't buy any of their books...


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