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  • Peter on Genesis 1:25
    When I was 30 or so; I thought that the Bible said that, where there are 2 christians gathered together in my name; I will hear their prayer; but I was only one and had no other to pray with; and now , I am also by my self; and I have no-one to pray with; but I know that He hears my prayers because He taught me; and I think that the Bible confirms that He do hear the prayers of one; but He is concerned when a christian can not find another christian to pray with. There may be many christians who have no one to pray with; but please pray if you want to, directly to your Heavenly Father as I can assure you that He hears all prayers directed to Him.
  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 1:25
    Peter, he most definitely hears your prayers, even if you (& so many others) pray on their own. The only requirement is to come in faith, believing you will receive, as you ask in God's Will. Where Jesus says that where two or three are gathered in My Name, He adds, that He will be in their midst (Matthew 18:20) certainly applied to his disciples as Jesus in His Power could meet with them in Spirit. However, we use this verse now for believers meeting together, & though in a sense correct, we know from Scripture, that Jesus has left this Earth & as God in the flesh, is seated at the Father's Right Hand, always interceding on our behalf. So Jesus physically can't be with us when we meet, but His Spirit, Whom He has sent to us, is with us & in us (John 14:17). In all this, we can truly rejoice that we are never alone & our prayers & praise are always heard.


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