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  • Karyn R Zillman
    My mom is going into open-heart surgery on Tuesday 5/19/2020. I pray that she finds peace and is not scared. That she pulls through and recovers quickly without evil whispering fear and doubt in her mind. I pray that God gives me the strength to help her and my kids navigate the situation with peace and grace.
  • Margaret - in Reply
    Lord I pray that you will touch this woman's heart as she goes to see her doctor today. Give the doctor knowledge to do what is best in giving her the best care possibly. This we ask in Jesus name. Amen!
  • Bro. Don - in Reply
    Karyn I'm praying with you for your mother's successful recovery and for strength and grace for you. I lead you to the Rock Christ Jesus that is higher than us both. He never fails. God bless you.
  • Chris - in Reply
    Karyn, you have our thoughts & prayers in this difficult time for both your Mom & your family. You all need God's Peace in your hearts, a Peace that goes way beyond our comprehension. And that can only come by a real confidence in the Power of God, in His Love for you all, & His guiding Hand upon the doctors. The surgery may be quite routine for these doctors, but they too need our prayers for God to superintend this surgery.

    If you feel that your Mom is getting too stressed, ask her if you can read to her from God's Word, whether while she is at home or at the hospital preparing for surgery. And as you read specific portions of these Psalms I give you now, you can slowly repeat or meditate with her over those verses that would be most appropriate for her. The Psalms I would suggest are: Psalms 34, 64 & 91. Psalms 23, an old favourite is also very good, though you may want to change the emphasis from the "valley of the shadow of death", to read "though I walk through deep & dark valleys, I will fear no evil". I only suggest this, as this may be a fear that she carries with her at this time. May God bless you & help you all through this time.


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