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  • Sakeeya Washington on Revelation 7:9
    I want to be freed from all of the sins I have been doing. I want to be freed from the spirits that have a strong hold on me so that I may be freed and can walk in this walk with Christ. I know that I am a sinner and I wanna be freed from the spirit of lying, stealing, lust, homosexuality,and the lack of forgiveness in my heart. I do believe God is real and I want to accept him as my lord and savior and I accept him into my heart and into my life because he is the one and only and I want to spend eternity with him, so I pray that I would be released and freed from any spirit that has a hold onto me because I want to be one with my creator which is God.
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    You have been through so much, Sakeeya, & you're showing clearly that the volume of your sins are weighing heavily upon you. That can only be by the Spirit of God's Work in your heart as He brings conviction. God desires too that you are totally freed from the presence & power of sin in your life. And I think you know what God requires of you - to repent of all your sins (which means you decide in your heart that you will no longer be a servant to sin & you want to turn your back to it); to call upon the Name of Jesus Christ, God's Son to forgive you (because it is only because His death & resurrection from the dead that God can forgive you); to put your faith in Jesus' sacrificial love for you at the Cross, because it is only by faith that you can be saved & nothing else that you think you can add to; and thank Him for saving you & ask Him to help you in your new life. Spend time in prayer & in the Bible, God's Word - this is for you to get closer to your Heavenly Father & also to resist the Devil when he comes knocking at your heart's door to coax you back into sin.

    Also, find a good Church nearby, if you haven't already. I would suggest a Baptist Church or an evangelical fellowship where the Bible is loved & preached. Talk to the Pastor/Elder about your spiritual condition or your need to be saved & tell him that you want to obey the Lord by being baptized. I think you understand baptism: this is your identification with Jesus in His death & resurrection & new life from Him. Baptism does not save you, Jesus saves & His Spirit gives you a new birth, but baptism is the outward sign to your own heart of what has taken place before God. God bless you Sakeeya, as you look forward & not backwards anymore.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    SAKEEYA: it's gonna be scary but you will make it if you hold onto Jesus with all your strength: physical, mental and emotional. Demons don't like to lose one.

    I was an astrologer. I had a supernatural salvation experience. After I received Jesus, I was delivered on the spot, by the Holy Spirit. It was only with His help that I survived. First day I just knew to clear anything that was an idol out of my house. I burned expensive books; drugs, alcohol, clothing, lots more. All that was in the house was me and a 15lb KJ Bible. You have to read your Bible: it will save your life. If demons threaten you, scare you, lie to you, choke you, hold your eyelids not freak out. Stay calm and plead the blood of Jesus: 'I am covered with the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth'. Sex demons will frighten you. They're invisible but you know they're in the house.

    I almost died with pneumonia because I had quit sleeping for weeks. The Holy Spirit gave me strength to get out of bed and go buy 2 books: one on angels and one on demons. I was able to sleep that night. You gotta fight hell with the WORD OF GOD. Plead the BLOOD!

    Go underline in your Bible, Matthew 12:44

    It will get you through this. Go to church no matter how alien you feel. That's a demon too. You belong to God and they hate Gods people. Your old friends will come by to take you out sinning. Invite them to go to church with you. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring New Christian friends into your life. He'll do it too. Now: ask God to set Angels on all 4 corners of your house to keep the demons out. Start reading a whole Book of the New Testament in your Bible every day. Demons don't want you to do that. They'll make the phone ring, bad news friends come over. You have to be strong for Jesus and tell them you got saved. You have to let them go till you get stronger in Jesus. Give all that bad stuff you did and receive Jesus's strength to RESIST the devil. He must flee!! PRAY out the hurts of your heart.
  • Bro. Don - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Sakeeya, don't give up on Him and He won't give up on you. God bless you.


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