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  • Mary Reid on Matthew 26:34
    What exactly did the guy who denied Jesus that constituted a denial ? What did he say no to ?

    x 3 ?
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 26:34
    Mary, that guy you refer to in Matthew 26:34 was Peter, a disciple of Jesus. It happened during the final moments before Jesus would be taken to Pilate & then judged worthy of death on a cross (for no crime that he committed). So Jesus was with all His disciples eating during the Passover & they then joined Him going to Gethsemane to pray. It was here that Jesus looked at Peter & told him that before the morning arrived (at the third crowing of the rooster), he would deny Christ, i.e. denying any knowledge or association with Jesus, because he would love his own life more than the Saviour. Then you can see the fulfilment of Jesus' words to Peter in the same chapter, verses 69-75. Then when Peter heard the cock crow the third time, he realized Jesus' words to him earlier that evening, & he became extremely remorseful for his denial of Jesus Whom he loved.

    If you have questions on this or any passage, do write here, as it's important for you to know what the Bible says, as it contains God's Message to us. And the most important message is that we are all sinners, who probably would have denied Jesus just as Peter did, & that God's Love is extended to us through the giving of His Son to die for our sins & in our stead. Acceptance of this Truth & faith in Jesus means that God then receives us as His Own & will not condemn us for our past sins. May God help you Mary, as you read from His Word.


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