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  • Alex on Daniel 2
    comment by Alex on Dan. 2. The head of gold is the written word as Jesus said there in no eternal life in the scriptures per se. My words are spirit and life not paper and ink All the body parts answer to Modern day christianity even Paul says we know in part we prophecy in parts we see in parts etc but when that which is perfect is come that which is done in parts ( THE IMAGE )shall be done away with ya remember th tares the chaff that is cast away, everything became as the chaff of the summer threshing floor the harvest. Evangelists,teachers pastors preachers implies parts God does not wants his kingdom in parts,unless you receive the kingdom as a lil Child etc.Its the MANCHILD which is the H.G. THAT IS GONNA RULE ALL NATIONS. iT WAS THE STONE CUT WITHOUT HANDS THAT RULED ALL THE WORLD.That stone is the living Word of God that is gonna displace all these manmade churches n TV PREACHERS as the MOST HI GOD DOES NOT DWELL IN TEMPLES MADE WITH HANDS. What the law cd not do in that it was WEAK THRU THE FLESH the 10 toes were weak simply b/c of the th flesh, mans carnal mind is not subject to the laws of God and neither indeed can be.Our carnal minds cannot bond with the Law.The iron cd not bond with the clay the flesh our carnal minds etc. Our Adamic nature cannot bond with the spirit of the Law. Note there was not life in this image even tho the head was of Gold, Th bible precious as it is. Eternal life in only in the living Word not the bible ( ONLY BY HIS BLOOD ) If eternal life cd have come via the bible Jesus shed his blood in vain and the cross was just foolishness. The image answers to what Paul is saying, When that which is perfect is come that which is done in PARTS the Image in Dan 2 shall be done away with,The image was done away with.

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