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  • Mishael ON God39s Love on Revelation 7:9

    God (The LET US) existed before Creation. He's the Alpha and the Omega.

    Original language in Genesis, says: in Beginning. Not in the beginning.

    He created TIME first. Everything on earth and in the universe, was going to be regulated on time and seasons.

    Everything scientist seek to explain: Time, Force. Action, Matter; is explained in Genesis 1:1. One verse. What a mighty God we serve.

    Yes he sees mankind all through history (HIS STORY). But he gave us free will.

    After Satan was thrown to earth by Michael the Archangel, he was here also with his will. I call him the I will I will I will mess up Gods plans. There's a scripture that says God is at work within our will to help us align our will with His , for our life. I need a lot of that, so I ask for it.

    So you can see that we are the owner operators of our will. Yes God sees what we may choose. If we're completely closed off to the Holy Spirit, we make huge mistakes at times. Sometimes we miss out on Gods best for us because we are frequently boneheads about choices. We spend the rest of our lives lamenting that we wish we had not chosen that disaster.

    I absolutely love God for that. He had my devotion at hello, Yom Kippur 1985. I had this vision one time of flying with the clouds, and I'd inhale this air that was so Good. Couldn't inhale enough. The air of heaven is faith. We have so much to look forward to. All the Lord needs is a open heart that wants to be filled with love. God is Love.

    He's not mean. His judgments are righteous. Instead of cross judging Him. We should wonder why? He will show us the answer. If we skim like ice skaters through the Bible, we miss important thought.

    We often close our eyes to things we don't want to see. If we miss the mark.. it's sin.

    That's why Jesus was willing to pay full price. It was decided before Time started ticking on earth. Open your hearts, not your minds.


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