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  • Josephine jossy on James 2
    Comment* after reading this chapter, i have come to realise that faith alone cannot give us salvation but faith wit work.
  • Chris - in Reply on James 2
    Josephine, James has been a controversial book for many generations of Christians. However, if read carefully & in light of other Scripture that talk about faith, we have to conclude one thing. And that is, it is faith alone that saves a person from the penalty of sin & judgement (see Ephesians 2:8-10). Once we add works, or anything else, then it is no longer of faith & we make the Grace of God null & void (Romans 11:6). This is because if we add anything to saving faith (whether it be the keeping of the Law, or doing good works for our fellow-men), then it is no more of faith but of works - the two don't mix - they cancel out each other.

    But James in chapter 2 does not speak of what I've just shared, but speaks of the authenticity of that God-given faith. In other words, an authentic faith will, must, produce good works. If it doesn't, then that is not genuine faith & the person having that, isn't saved.

    The other point then is, if as you say 'a person has to have faith & works to be saved', then I would ask, "how much works has to be done to make that faith or salvation certain"? You might do wonderful things for people & society ten hours in the day, but will that be enough to get you saved? So you see, you cannot combine the two - it's one or the other. Faith saves - Works kills. And Faith & Works together can never secure you as you then have to add more to what Jesus has done on the Cross for you. Walk in faith dear sister, & do works that result from that faith, making "your calling & elections sure".
  • Serve1Master - in Reply on James 2
    I suspected possible false church teachings 2x in Bible church ... I urgently felt the need for myself and wife to seek Jesus not Trump during 2016 presidential debates. Publicly baptized and accepted Jesus as savior in a safe space. We also attended bible studies and Praise worship and fellowship means every single week.

    501C3 I also suspect is synonymous with at least partially beholden to Caesar (government).

    My guy level beliefs after reading my own KJV Bible and praying for Holy Spirit discernment differs from pastoral teachings.

    I think witnessing publicly that Jesus is savior to a hostile boss (trials/tribes) or as prophesied under persecution or certainty of death (seems likely) is more in line with the great disciples in my Bible.

    Love thy neighbor as thy self. (esp neighbors who oppose me) (Works) is directly in line with gospel.

    "Endure til the end" "few will choose the narrow path" in gospel doesn't seem to line up with the multitudes who being "taught" the Bible and choosing to believe in a pre tribulation rapture and immunity for themselves from all the extreme trials hardship and persecution of death reserved for other undefined non pre trib raptured people.


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