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  • KRYSTABELLE on Acts 9 - 4 years ago
    Why does he like to persacute people?
  • Joe - In Reply on Acts 9 - 4 years ago
    If you mean Saul - Saul was a Pharisee, of the same belief as the chief priest.

    The Pharisees wanted to persecute everyone who believed in Jesus Christ because Jesus had explained many times the sins of the Pharisees.

    They would not believe and repent, but instead attempted to stop any further preaching/believing because Jesus told them to change their sinful ways and traditions which were not of God.

    In short, the Pharisees were not serving God, but only serving themselves and their way of life; any belief/worship that changed their ways was persecuted.
  • Mishael to Krysta - In Reply on Acts 9 - 4 years ago
    God gave all this information to Holy men of God to publish Bibles for this generation. He is NOT a man. He has given man and woman every opportunity to love Him and learn of Him. His son Jesus became all God and son of Man to come to earth to save all mankind. Not willing that ANY should perish but that ALL would come to be born again.

    He gave us 10 simple guidelines to live our lives. Jesus gave us 2 commandments, which take the place of the 10. If we love each other...we'll fulfill the 10. Simple.

    I don't know about you but plenty of people were unfair to me; let me down. I was bleeding out so-to-speak When I came to Jesus. I was crouched on a chair with a vision of hell in my floor and an invisible Hand extended to me, above my head. I grabbed the Hand!! For me that was when life began.

    He's not being mean to people. What is it when people ignore their Creator and choose to be spiritually blind and deaf?

    I'll show you some mercy...all the babies and little children will be taken to heaven at the rapture of the church, world wide. God will not let them suffer. Read all of the book of John. No skipping around. Is Jesus mean?

    Don't be clueless like I was. Just take the Hand of God and walk with Him.

    I asked my mother once why she didn't read the Bible. She countered with being baptized as a child and believing in heaven. I asked her why wouldn't you want to know every thing possible about Someone you want to spend eternity with? She began reading her Bible every day. She died 6 months later. I miss her. I'll see her again.

    Receive Jesus. Let Him have your past and you take His future.

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