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  • Patty Tozi on James 1
    In the early morning l sit in my car watching all God's creations come alive.The sun rises brightly as the Light of God once again ascends to start my day. I Love my God and He knows it. Many- Many times He helped me. Gave me Blessings when l prayed. Many Many hard knocks l faced alone with Him. Always writing from my heart what l saw and suffered for. I would go far from others to be alone with my God. Wait and seek the Strength once more by the sightings of His creations, and knowing He was close. Heaven is real. I was there thru a bad situation. My songs helped the less fortunate know Him to the point the Evilness of others would knock me down everytime. But our Lord would watch me climb back up. Start over l did many times. Always helping others. Even doing without. Many times He would send messengers to me when l did not know where to turn. They would explain what l saw was real. I was not going out of my mind. Then never to be seen again. Like a puzzle l became aware of everything to the point l stand as a rock for others and myself. All l knew my whole life was work and being alone. Helped natives alot so that at one point of my life l ended up knowing 2 medicine men from the old ways in South Dakota. Never got there to meet them. Even was invited. Received something from 2 areas of the states that no white person should of got. All miracles. Sent me many protections one said l would need when l fully developed my gift l was given from the mighty one. Said one, that he had a vision what l would be able to do. For a season got involved with their spiritualness. Then working l would always go. Job after job. Alone. Watching. Now the world is nearing the end. I wrote in 1998 and 1999 same months things started happening now what was to be. God gave me many insights why l suffered and how to handle it. Always with Him. He will not only take care of me- but people that l help. So far am just coasting in His valley as He leads me. So beware now. Stay close to God:
  • Etta - in Reply on James 1
    Dearest Patty,

    I was drawn to your beautiful sonnet, and touched by your authenticity, but I do not believe God intends His children suffer needlessly. I'm here for you, any time you need someone to just listen.



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