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  • Tina Kanak on Proverbs 18:24
    The KJV seems the most well translated where the other translations put a negative connotation on having many friends. If it were a time or place where we were so blessed to be around many Christian hearted people dedicated to loving God above the things of this earth then that time and place of friends to share life in a community, a larger group that works together and supports one another all trying to love one another more than oneself would be like heaven. And surely within a community of friends there are those that grow close filled with admiration for one another and sheer enjoyment of the other persons kindness in your life that you then also would give freely of your life to make theirs better also sharing the companionship of loving God together between families if at that point, serving the community together for God and always just having that one, or two or three people there that rejoice equally in each other's happiness and gifts shared to make life better as seems easy and without much work. Sharing common desire of direction of life to seek he after the Lord th God and follow where God leads is an exciting prospect of the Holy Spirit and promise of the future in Heaven thst one day we won't just have one we are lucky to have here on earth but that we look forward to many understanding we are truly family under God as his children and meant to enjoy living, life serving all under God. I wish we truly could remove the false traditions of men that Satan planted to keep us separated and fearful of one another. Not to mention thousands of lies about the truth of God so easy to read to a good bible and good teacher until we become also teachers. I've finally reached a level of wisdom and experience that teaching & continued learning makes my spirit jump for joy and excitement to serve now in this end times for God, our Father. I pray we seek one another in friendship for this time now as God commanded likely for strength, blessing and peace of mind
  • Margaret Hope - in Reply on Proverbs 18:24
    Hello Tina, I have taken an online course in Theology and got my BA Degree in such so I may also teach the Bible Scriptures to the children and teenagers in my community. I have a 28 year old daughter in another state, whom I use to teach a Bible study with, but God has other plans for as well, as soon as the opportunity comes for me to teach scriptures to others. I believe as you mentioned: "I wish we could remove the false traditions of men that Satan keeps us separate and fearful of one another" that we can stand strong in teaching the Word of God to those who have never had a chance to read the Bible or have never heard God's Word before. I pray that God will give you guidance in fulfilling your duties of spreading the Word of God in any way you can do possibly and help in saving the lives of others in salvation around the world. May God give us wisdom and knowledge to spread the study of the Biblical Scriptures to all areas of the globe as we can..In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

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