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  • Brady on Galatians 2
    There are so many ways humans attempt to frustrate
    : to make ineffectual : bring to nothing the grace of God by false doctrine. We can do nothing to earn salvation. It is God who saves us and keeps us saved. Otherwise grace is not grace. If someone gives you a gift and afterwards throws in terms and conditions then it ceases to become a gift anymore. How often does someone get their paycheck and say thank you for this wonderful gift? It works both ways. If it's without strings it's a gift and anything else added to it makes it wages. Our righteousness is like filthy dirty disgusting rags. Christ did not die for us so we can say thanks but I got this. How offended would you be if you gave someone a gift and they pulled out their wallet and attempted to pay you for it.
    Now imagine to purchase that gift you had traded your only child for it. Now they want to pay you and what they hand you is a a tissue they blew their nose on. Is it any wonder that someone attempting to get into Heaven by their own merits hears to depart into the lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Those on the outside were not able to stand such a concept and therefore just had to throw stuff on top of grace to bring people into bondage. Today you hear, "oh that's easy believism" How hard do you want God to make it? The door is wide open and if you don't take it, don't blame God. He did everything he could and gave everything he had to pay your debt. He is the only one that can. Let Him, and take your hands off the wheel.

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