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  • Jeffrey Allen Lenartowski on Daniel 2
    I'm just wondering people try to assume many things about people who do some hard spiritual thing that may let him feel like he's on top of the world or even have the euphoria of a king. That is why I'm wondering if these dreams not like in Genesis or any place else but in Daniel these dreams of king in chapter two are his emotions and Daniel looking into his face after long conversations about the day and others that sit with the king after all there may be princes and I wonder if this book of Daniel was supposed to support in scripture that every word shall be established in two or three witnesses. And Daniel was ready for it because though a king is not a bull they have that phrase bull in a china shop and remember I do not speak evil of dignities as Daniel had friends so do I. When you start to refer even to any person as an associate i'ts like your trying to hurt that person when he is secure right beside you. I'm not saying every dream but in the head of gold dream.

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