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  • Theresa cheatham on Tobit 1:2
    If God asked you. are you confident in your salvation What would you think He meant
  • Chris - in Reply on Tobit 1:2
    If God asked me that question without any further qualification, I think He meant:'whether I believed that His Son's Work on the Cross was perfect & final, whether my sins had been forgiven according to the Scripture, & whether I am living the crucified life' I have no doubt in Jesus' Work on the Cross & the forgiveness of my sin through the gift of faith, but I know that living the crucified life is & always will be hard. As a sinner saved by His Grace, I can only live as He wants me to, by dying daily & living victoriously through His Spirit. With bowed head, I fall short - but with raised head, I know He understands & His continual Work continues in my life to make me more like His Son.
  • Theresa cheatham - in Reply on Tobit 1:2
    Thank you so very much. No words can say how much it means to me that you answered. I wasn't expecting that. I do believe and all the more now. I have no one to ask things things since I have been saved but the Holy Spirit. If I am unsure again about something can I contact again?
  • Chris - in Reply on Tobit 1:2
    I'm glad my comment was helpful to you, as are comments from others who read & answers those who may be uninformed or perplexed. Most of us here, I feel, are mature believers & can identify with some of the concerns that are raised & we use God's Word only as our basis for advice & counsel. Some here may have had quite interesting & challenging experiences in their Christian walk & ministry, so the reader can get some glimpses of personal testimony of the generous & timely provision from the Lord. Please feel free to ask of us - we will respond as the Lord directs. But never forget, that your own Bible reading, prayer for the Spirit's assistance in understanding it, & keeping short accounts with the Lord, will be of far greater value than whatever another can give you. I hope you attend a strong Bible-based Fellowship where the Word of God & fellowship with His people, can only strengthen your journey in this life.
  • Theresa Cheatham - in Reply on Tobit 1:2
    Thank you for your response. You will be hearing from me soon. It's so good to know of someone more mature in spiritual matters than I.

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