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  • Jeju 20 on Isaiah 1:3
    Coronavirus Outbreak in America and worldwide, Oh God we are still net repent!!

    " In the old bible, He wanted to close the door of the temple. ..
    He did it,
    Now, He has closed the door.

    He couldn't look on it anymore...

    Shamefully, we repent now.
    I had no love.,failed to give, and was unthankful, i.e.,
    God was not happy with me,
    Mankind is weak, just dust, invisible, not realizing that without God we have no life."
    Lord have mercy on us.....
  • Michael E Sexton - in Reply on Isaiah 1:3
    Amen,it's all about GOD for He is the Almighty.
  • Jeju 20 - in Reply on Isaiah 1:3
    I only knew it when the church doors closed and our worship stopped and Our daily routine changed

    How grateful the Lord is..

    Only after everything stopped

    looking back on our lives....

    The Church, God's home, is full of darkness

    Trying to fill our own belly

    The proud and those who seek to rise stand

    on the pulpit and proclaim the word of God. ,

    These above words from Jeju, unknown person


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