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  • Althea on Romans 3:14
    Is using profanity considered a sin
  • Adam - in Reply on Romans 3:14
    The Bible says a lot about the tongue- watching what we say. If even non-Christians think profanity is wrong, how much more should Christians watch their tongue and not use profanity, because Christians are supposed to be a light and good example to the world. Link
  • Mickey - in Reply on Romans 3:14
    It's called an unclean spirit. When our guard is down and we hear too much worldly input; it squishes out of us. Ask forgiveness from everybody who heard it. It's spiritual warfare. Put on that helmet of salvation :)
    I go on YouTube and watch some Mario Murillo sermons. You'll feel better.
  • Church - in Reply on Romans 3:14
    From a religious viewpoint, swearing or cursing is generally considered sin. The main reason swearing is considered sin is because it reflects evil intent coming from one's heart, rather than merely the content of the word that is spoken. From a Christian perspective, swearing and cursing is not limited to just verbal expressions


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