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  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Matthew 24
    For a detailed study on Genesis chapter 3 may I suggest: "the 2 seeds of Genesis 3:15" by Charles Lee Mange
    not for lukewarm Christians and if you have never read the entire Bible then I suggest you ignore this since it is detailed as a study.
  • Kenny - in Reply on Matthew 24
    Pam, it's not too difficult. God presented several curses when Adam and Eve sinned. 1.The serpent, it will eat dust and move about on it's belly(prior to sin, it was able to fly) 2. To Satan - Jesus Christ will come as the redeemer of man and bear our sins and die for us(More on this below). 3. To Eve, child bearing will be painful. 4.Finally to Adam, he will have to toil and sweat and work hard to support his family.
    To provide more details: As Christ lived and died for us Satan tried to kill/destroy his name(that is Satan bruising the heel). Christ will bruise Satan's head by dying on the cross for our sins and in the end place all sins on Satan in the lake of fire to be forever destroyed


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