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  • Anonymous Part I
    Please pray that the LORD GOD remove all stumblingblocks placed multiple times daily into my path by Satan's children to stop me from doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and from erasing and making vain whatsoever they've ALLOWED me to get done. I NEED GOD's Voice, HIS real-time communication with me in my life, as our father, David the king (we are Christ's lineage, and Jesus came through David's line (Matthew 1:1-17; Genesis 22:15-18, and Genesis 1:1-18 for full context)) had with the ephod (I Samuel 23:9-12; I Samuel 30:7-8), as our brother, Moses OFT did (Exodus 33:11-17 and Exodus 33:11-23 for proper context), and as our father, Abraham did (Genesis 18). These men obeyed God's law, so pray


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