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  • Jerry R on Psalms 106
    So I quickly read through the first page of the comments, and I was surprised that no one commented of how this chapter is so relatable to our modern day holocaust. I'm speaking of the child sacrifice of convenience/selfish abortion of the tiniest and most innocent among us. Does anyone else see it ? We are living in the worst human rights tragedy in the history of mankind: and there are very very few of us getting involved in the physical battle of abolishing abortion. The spiritual battle is raging right now over this people !!! Satan knows that we seek to destroy his crown jewel of child sacrifice; and he is NOT HAPPY. But we need more of you to engage in this battle.
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Psalms 106
    Some of us see it and pray for judgment against the wicked. Sodomite so called marriage is another abomination.
    maybe this plague shall be the scourge against the wicked. Few pastors preach against these abominations.
    Abortion is indeed a capitol crime punishable by death in the old testament scriptures and Jesus never did away with the civil law, only the ceremonial blood sacrificial laws.
    Lord send a plague.
  • Jerry R - in Reply on Psalms 106
    Thank you Bob Hilt.

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