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  • Alex on Mark 8
    Jesus had to anoint the blindman a 2 nd time,he cd not see clearly under the 1st anointing,the blindman is the Church that cd not see clearly under early church doctrine the 1st anointing. Thats y Paul said we see like thru a glass darkly, nobodycan see clearly under early church doctrines thats y there are a zillion different churches everybody sees a different vision.Jesus took the blindman by his hand and led him outta of the city.Jesus took Israel by the HAND AND led her outta of Egypt AND SHE WAS REFERED TO AS THE CHURCH.THAT 2 ND ANOINTING is when the book is opened and GOD pours out his spirit on all flesh,when that which is perfect is come the 2nd anointing when the Manchild comes


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