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  • Adam R on Romans 1
    ...the truth of God into a lie..." I believe that the hierarchy of the world exchanged God for the lie of 'outer space'( being eternal, infinite, encompassing) And 'they' told us we rotate around the sun(sun worship) when in fact we are the center of creation. God made everything around us. "The world also is stablished, that it be not moved". Most people believe we are insignificant, just spinning thru some infinite space when in fact we are awaiting Jesus return and the New Jerusalem when all the elect will live with Christ here on earth with no need for the sun for He will be our Light and His kingdom will have no end. God is very near, on His throne above the firmament. Praise Him daily
  • Lisa Lord - in Reply on Romans 1
    Amen. come lord jesus. maranatha.
  • Shell - in Reply on Romans 1
    What version Bible are you reading this from? I can't find it. thanks
  • Mick - in Reply on Romans 1
    I always use King James Bible for study. I read the NIV before I sleep. When I was brand new Born Again I had a Living Bible. It's so marked up I can barely read it lol. It takes me back to those first days of first love for Jesus. I never felt so loved prior to that.
  • Frank H Sleeper - in Reply on Romans 1
    Adam R... The is literally nothing in the Bible that says the sun, stars, universe that rotates around the Earth. When we try to make such claims it makes us Christians look stupid. What it DOES point out is THIS critical fact: The ENTIRE AMAZING Universe was created - and yet God spent his entire Word talking about his Love and Focus on US!! The universe he created only qualified for a few words

    THAT'S the perspective. WE are the center of attention of God


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