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  • Gabriel on Revelation 12
    Prayer for God's hedge of protection over all of my son, my mother, and me &, our apartments where we reside, cars, jobs, lands & all our possessions that we own to be covered by The Blood of Jesus Christ & Archangel Micheal & Gabriel. Prayer for God to protect all of my mother, brother and I from people that have been stalking our apartment and having strange people to walk upon us as if they are trying to rob us or break in our homes. Prayer for God to stop liars from manipulating my Christian character because I wont allow them in my apartment. Prayer for God to grant all of my son, mother, brothers and I favor and to put a stop to certain individuals spreading lies to turn other tenants
  • Sista Cindy - in Reply on Revelation 12
    I pray in agreement with you... and I pray that our Heavenly Father strengthen you to walk securely in His perfect peace... that His Light shine ever so brightly through you to those who are lost. No weapons formed against you shall prosper, and you shall know that you know that He is with you Always, in Jesus Christ His Name Above All Names with Thanksgiving Amen


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