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  • Sallie
    I'm very confused about what the Bible says about aliens (extraterrestrials) in all the Bible verses that discusses the actual existing aliens in the bible.if you Google what verses talk about the extraterrestrials you can read that it's real.i know a lot of people say that aliens aren't real but they are discussed in the,my question is what is the actual purpose of the aliens? Is God a form of an alien? when we go to heaven will we become an alien?did God make aliens? Did aliens actually make God? Someone please help me understand....🤔👽🤨🧐
  • Phillip E Gallegos - in Reply
    I am lead to believe that God and his sons of God created to be his ministers were the first entities on earth, the 1st age, the age of spirit or another dimension. We, humans, flesh, bone, water and blood, are more the aliens to this world
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply
    Aliens in my opinion are the fallen angels. 1/3 of the angels fell into rebellion against the Lord and
    followed Lucifer (Revelation 12).
    Right now they are allowed to try and test us to see who we shall follow, the Lord or Lucifer. My suggestion is ask the Lord for understanding (James chapter 1) and start reading the Bible in Genesis and finish all the way through to revelation.
    You will find a link between the occult and aliens if you search, but I do not suggest it.
  • Phillip E Gallegos - in Reply
    Thanks, Bob Hilt, Alien to me is a foreigner in a strange land. If we were created in the celestial world, celestial bodies, then this flesh, blood and bone + elements are indeed aliens away from our true homeland and will return when this terrestrial vessel expires
  • Steve B - in Reply
    Hi Sallie - Alien does not always mean extraterrestrial. I personally would not Google anything from the Word of God to try and find clarification. Let's start with a couple of chapters and a couple of verses to see if we can look at the meaning of the verses within the passages. May God Bless your journey in His Word, and in His ways. Pray to Him always for the right way, but look for the meaning in the passage. Remember, He is Truth - rest in Him. Be not afraid, but do not trust in a Google search. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can post something on the net.


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