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  • Roberta Baker
    What happens to a loved one who dies before hearing the gospel of salvation and being born again?
  • Debra Fanning - in Reply
    Anyone not saved will not enter into the Kingdom of God.....Is there still time the Word can be spoken to them? If so, go as fast as you can....prayers to you and for them...
  • Adam - in Reply
    God is a fair judge. He will judge according to the knowledge we received and how we acted on it. I believe children who die prematurely will be in heaven who were not at an age of understanding. I believe indigenous tribes who are isolated and don't hear about Jesus will also be judged fairly.
  • Elder Earl - in Reply
    As I have come to understand it. If the person have the opportunity to be schooled on the belief of the bible, they have for them self the chance to believe. If that love one happen to be an infant, or have not reached the age of understanding what obedience mean, or a mental condition which would limit there understanding, then they may have an opportunity to receive salvation.
  • Roberta Baker - in Reply
    Thank you for the reply. What about a catholic couple that were in their 70s to 90s that went to church every Sunday and loved God and did not hear the salvation message to be born again?
  • BOLA - in Reply
    Read Romans 2:12-16. those who sin without the law, shall perish without the law.
  • Roberta Baker - in Reply
    Thank you Adam with your reply!
    Roberta Baker
  • Debra Fanning - in Reply
    Hi Roberta, God spoke to them, It's ok! John 14:27 " Let not your hearts be troubled , neither let them be afraid."
  • The Godhead in Creation - in Reply
    Scripture Confirms there will be no excuse if we can understand because God is Shown in His Creation. No one except Him has ever been able to give the Breath of life or Create life from Nothing, He
    also tells us the things on this earth wont be remembered Isaiah 65:17 including those not with us Eternally or we would be grieving yet there will be no more tears or suffering in Heaven or in the New Earth But we have Hope many have Repented on their deathbeds and some have lived on to share about it. Romans 1:20 For the invisible things of Him from the Creation of the World are Clearly Seen being Understood by the things that are made even His Eternal Power and Godhead so that they are without excuse.
  • Roberta Baker - in Reply
    Thank you Godhead In Creation for your reply.
    Roberta Baker
  • Roberta Baker - in Reply
    Thank you Debra for your answer.


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