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  • Kelly Albright
    Why does this site contain the apocrypha which is a false Catholic book?
  • Adam - in Reply
    The original 1611 AD King James Bible contained the apocrypha. Secondly, Catholicism doesn't own these books- they use a subset of them- not exactly the same as the KJV included. The website has it not in normal scripture readings, but buried so researchers can still find it and it explains why it's there. Link
  • Truth Brings Light - in Reply
    Thank you Adam, I wondered why the Apocrypha was included on this Website with the error it has in it, like some of the Dead Sea's Scrolls but not all of them, it also has Folklore, Hearsay and also Contradicts some of the Scriptures in the KJV we use today. I will check out the Link later.
  • T Levis - in Reply
    I am blessed it has both. I very sceptical of it. After finding this site I have researched it. I found many verses are very informative of prophetically telling of Jesus being the Messiah! Several point to the power of a woman that the Bible we have today fails to help explain more deeply they also include important historical information about wars, even elephants in battle. Many of these books add strength to what we believe & information that earlier Christians had, equipted with knowledge that secular historians knew but we didn't, in some ways leaving us in a disadvantage.
    These books were found with the Dead Sea's Scrolls. Our Bible references other books.
    Revelation 22:19


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