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  • Richard on John 3:8
    Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. It rains on the just and the unjust. One is not a child of GOD until after faith has been placed in Christ being the only begotten Son of God. The wind listeth, meaning its movement. This moving of the Spirit is not under order or control of men. The Spirit moves as the wind effects objects for God's intended purpose, but men have a will to either yield to that purpose or withstand it. Men hear the sound of the wind as it bristles through the trees. Just as men are trees and the Spirit of God working in men's lives we see and hear the results yet not knowing the when and where the Spirit is going to move upon a person. We don't see the wind working but only by the results of it blowing. Jesus told us his words are spirit. This idea correlates to the effects of the wind. It is His words which affected the hearts of men. Either in receiving His words or those same words rejected infuriated those religious leaders. His words always stirring the soul and directing towards belief, just as the wind blows in many directions, yet when the Spirit moves it is in a specific direction with purpose. Jesus spoke to a people familiar with sailing. A variable wind isn't reliable and indicates a storm approaching. Storms in life often bring confusion and contrary winds of adversity, yet again when the Spirit moves it is intended to fill the sails allowing the ship to move in the right direction and reach the intended shore making it to the other side. The Spirit does not always move pleasantly, and Satan's imitation of the Spirit brings adversity in the midst of storms, yet we by faith can see that the stormy winds are either for our chastisement or God proving us and to us He has control and turns that evil purpose of Satan's adverse winds into good. We have Eurocledon, truly a wind meant to destroy ships and drown sailors in the sea, but we see direction and purpose turn that wind into good for Paul and all aboard. We see Jesus walking on the water rebuking the winds of adversity and bringing calm in our lives as children of God. Hurricane Sandy brought great destruction to the North East of United States. I would have to say this example is one where mankind will come together to help each other and rebuild and repair the damage caused by Sandy. People will have work where they had no work. Great stories of survival and rescue will be told. Those who give God the deserved glory will have effect on the hearers to either place faith in God or in humanity; one receiving God, the other receiving humanity and missing the purpose of God. John 3:8 is Jesus giving analogy comparing the wind and The Holy Ghost. We only skim the surface of all the meaning found in the word of God as found in the King James Bible. Some would dare to limit and make lifeless God's word and thus provide a private interpretation. The word of God is to excite the mind, cause deep reflection into its meaning and affect our hearts to bring us into the will of God beginning first at salvation. The word of God is alive and not trapped in the confines of intellectualism and dogmatic interpretations, but will always be found in perfect harmony just as it is found right in the King James Bible. It brings life to the hearers and refreshing just as the wind can and does.


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