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  • What a Mighty God we serve. This is the same God who took 3 men into a fiery furnace and brought them
    out without no harm. Praise God for being in the fire. Today God is with us too if we trust, keep and honor
    his word. God will protect his children and angels will follow God s commands. We should live the life that
    God honors so when we need God he rescues up. Thanks God for your words and promises.
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  • Thank you MarilynT your words sparkling with Gods Truth were full of uplifting Spiritual Treasures. Our Loving Abba Father tells us to focus on what is good this does not mean we have to be Happy Clappy when we are hurting but to remember always as you shared too that He Loves us and is always there for us in the good and the bad. God Bless you abundently Marilyn Now and Always.


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