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  • Nathan on Genesis 7
    How do you think Noah loaded all the animals on the ark? If there's a million species of animals, do you think all land and air animals were loaded in? Even spiders, snakes, flies. Is life like bacteria, fungus, flu viruses considered animals too?
  • Jeff Davis - in Reply on Genesis 7
    If you read the passages Genesis 7: 7-9 Noah and his family went into the ark and then it reads the beast went into the ark. It doesn't say Noah herded the animals in. They went in under the guidance of the spirit of God. The second part of your question, I believe those things are considered diseases and God preserved what was essential to the survival of what remained for the living humans and animals.
  • Adam - in Reply on Genesis 7
    I think it's safe to say Noah didn't take on sea animals on the ark either, like whales, orcas, sharks, etc. I assume 'beasts' means land mammals, reptiles, amphibians maybe? Fowl I assume is just a specific category of birds allowed on the ark, which probably didn't include penguins, flamingos. But if Noah didn't include them I wonder why we have penguins and flamingos today?
  • Harold Perry - in Reply on Genesis 7
    However, insects are not included in the meaning of behemah orremes in Genesis 6:19-20, so Noah probably would not have taken them on board as passengers anyway.
  • Gods Amazing Creation - in Reply on Genesis 7
    Insects are part of the food chain but for sure I dont like Flys they eat my food and Mosketoes think I am their food and Cockroaches well they dont Wipe there feet before they go into my Pantry Yuk but God said everything He made was good Yep their all needed. He didnt and cant make Junk but we can and do.
  • LeRoy Welch - in Reply on Genesis 7
    I would recommend a visit to "The Ark" where there are many interesting ideas that are fun to think about. Also a great deal of information about the world of NOAH.
  • LIfe on a Boat - in Reply on Genesis 7
    Dont be deceived Nathan by Pictures of the Ark, check out its real size. Animals have also evolved there are many more differant species today. Some Paintings arn't factual they come from the Artists imaginations.Popular ones of Jesus are not reality, Jews had short black hair, but God also tells us its a shame for a Man to have long hair 1Cor11:14 Samsons long hair was to show when he had sinned.
  • Faith Works - in Reply on Genesis 7
    God is a very creative and deep thinker! God told Noah he only needed one of each "kind" or modern words we say species. For an example the dog kind origin would be a wolf.

    Genesis 6:20

    Of fowls after their kind, and of cattle after their kind, of every creeping thing of the earth after his kind, two of every sort shall come unto thee, to keep them alive.
  • Laughter is Good Medicine - in Reply on Genesis 7
    Do you know why they couldnt Play Cards on the Ark because Noah was Standing on the Deck and there was also 2 Cheaters on board. Noah also had to say to the Rabbits 2 only. But The Lions Tigers
    and Cheaters were very happy when they saw all the other Animals Wow what a Smorgasbord but of course they didn't realize there was going to be a 40 day fast. Ecc3:1-8 There is a Time to Laugh.....


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