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  • Mike on Matthew 23
    Donna, There are quite few reasons why the newer Bible translations have left out many scriptures in both O.T. and N.T. 1 Some theologians think that if they change the King James Version of the the Bible to modern day English more people read the Bible. 2 Some scholars also believe that the Greek and Hebrew translation have no president today, because the average believer does not care. 3 But they also forget what about Revelation 22:19 This is only my opinion.
  • Joe - in Reply on Matthew 23
    Mike - I have no issue with your reasons 1 or 2. However, I have a big issue with theologians or scholars who do this. Their job and their only job is properly explain scriptures so that everyone can understand. They can preach, they can write books, they can hold bible study classes .... While there are translation errors, these need to be carefully studied so as not to change the basic and intended message as you point out in Rev 22:19.
  • Correcting Translation Error - in Reply on Matthew 23
    True Mike as you shared not all changes in Scripture are to deceive but those that are as you warned Rev22 will be their Destiny their Choice not Gods its not His Will anyone Perishes, Hopefully they will repent and put right the wrong they have done. There is also Translation error even in the KJV so I would value your thoughts on these two verses because they Contridict... Lk11:4 and Jas1:13-14.

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