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  • Protestant
    There are 160 New Testament verses in which Jesus CLEARLY distinguishes Himself from His Heavenly Father: 38 verses in Matthew, 9 in Mark, 15 in Luke, and 98 in John. There are also 121 New Testament verses in which the Apostles clearly distinguish Jesus from His Father: 3 verses in Matthew Mark, 2 in Luke, 28 in John, etc. How did we find this out? From this fantastic KJV website!
  • Watchman in Spirit - in Reply
    Yes I agree Protestant The Godhead called Trinity today is Abba Father, Jesus The Living Word and The Holy Ghost. They are One in Spirit but have differant Roles in The Godhead 1John 5:7 -John10:30 God The Father gave Authority to Jesus on Earth 1Cor15:24-28 and being One in Spirit and Nature and Conceived by The Holy Ghost Jesus was Emanuel God with us and was in the Line of King David by Mary.
  • Protestant - in Reply
    Well, Watchman, I don't think you can agree if you actually read all the verses I provided earlier. Also, Mary's lineage is not given in the New Testament---only Joseph's in Matthew 1. Joseph was Christ's stepfather, so his ancestors are irrelevant. Christ Himself expressed annoyance at those who called Him merely "The Son of David", trying to deny He was The Son of Almighty God.
  • Watchman In Spirit - in Reply
    If your rejecting The Godhead Protestant in One John Five: Seven, than like the Cults your rejecting the Scriptures that Confirm Them but what Translation are you using. The Old Testerment and The New Testerment Confirm each other and both Confirm Prophecy Past, Present and Future. Yes Joseph was also in the Line of David but Jesus never denied His Lineage Revelation 3:7-5:5-22:16 or His Divinity Jn10:30.
  • Watchman In Spirit - in Reply
    Protestant were you refering to Jesus confirming that He was The Son of God meaning He was One with God The Father Jn10:30 and being Conceived by The Holy Ghost One with Him too but Jesus had Davids seed Matthew 1 being Born in the flesh of Mary and was in Joseph Lineage too. Jesus was Confirming He was God's Son in The Godhead He was not angry or denying His Ancestry why would He when He Chose it.


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