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  • Tramaine on Matthew 11:30
    My children and I went to a fast food restaurant for dinner and being that I am a single parent of four, money has always (in the past-we speak in faith) been an issue. So I (talking to myself in a low voice) said- "man I have so much to pay for. I have electric this check, and rent, and car insurance, and so on..." My oldest daughter heard me and asked- "mommy, everything is so hard for you. Its hard for you to pay bills and get us things we want. You need help." When she said that to me, my inside crumbled because my flesh agreed and for a split second I was depressed about how their fathers left me for dead with four kids to raise. But then I felt the greater side of me- my spirit leap up and say this very verse- "my yoke is easy and my burden is light." I said to my daughter, "Sweetheart, yes-mommy does need help. But Jesus is my Help." The sweet Holy Spirit reminded me that He was with me through that all and has never left me. That is what I think this message means.


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