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  • Richard Boettcher on Matthew 28
    Why is it that in the book of ACTS you find no one repeating the word of Jesus in verse 28:19? I will tell you why because they fulfilled the command when they baptized the people in the name of Jesus Christ. The name of the Father is Jesus John 5 43,John 14:7-9 , the name of the Son is Jesus Luke 1:31, Matthew 1:25 , and the name of the Holy Ghost is Jesus John 14:26
  • Brad Lewis - in Reply on Matthew 28
    Blaspheming is forgivable except for blaspheming the Holy Ghost. But if Jesus is the Holy Ghost, if you blaspheme one you blaspheme all. When Jesus was asked when he was coming back again he said only the Father knows. When Jesus was asked if one could sit on his right and left, he said only the Father can decide this. Jesus asks that the cup of death be taken from him, was he praying to himself.


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