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  • SBCK Yasharahla on Matthew 16
    I don't know if anyone ever addressed the question of whether or not CHRIST misspoke when He said that no man had ever ascended into Heaven.... He did not! He meant of their own accord. Remember, Elijah was caught up taken up in a whirlwind. GOD did that! Enoch was translated by GOD. The Holy Scriptures say that Enoch walked with GOD. He did not ascend of His own accord as Our Saviour did.
  • Confused - in Reply on Matthew 16
    There is a place we all go to be judged before we go to heaven or hell.
  • Vanessa - in Reply on Matthew 16
    He is referring to his second coming, those who haven't excepted him and turned from their fleshy life will not rise up, Never accuse the Lord of misspeaking he died without blemish for our sins. People think they serve God but do the I thing, not realizing all blessings flow from him and him alone. we die to ourselves and carry our cross for his sake, we feed the soul not the flesh. God Bless
  • Stephanie Yasharahla - in Reply on Matthew 16
    First of all, I NEVER said that CHRIST misspoke nor, would I ever. I believe "let GOD be true and every man a liar..." Someone ELSE commented and said that. Secondly, CHRIST meant what He said..NO MAN hath ascended into Heaven.." ONLY CHRIST did that in His Holy, Human body for He IS both GOD and man. If you are CHRIST's when you die you go to Heaven if not, then you go to Hell. No in betw
  • Vanessa - in Reply on Matthew 16
    I would tell them to study John an to read of that in John 3:13
  • Vanessa - in Reply on Matthew 16
    I accused you nothing, sorry if you felt that way, I saw the comment and addressed it as one body in Christ we help each other in understanding so they aren't lead astray, we dont condemn no man unless we choose to be self righteous God Bless you always
  • Stephanie Yasharahla - in Reply on Matthew 16
    Okay. I agree.


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