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  • Dc Reynolds on Isaiah 56
    Why cant God promise me anything? Why is he always talking about how good its gonna be after what seems like our lifetime will be over? Let me ask you this.. WHERE is God in my lifetime to be my Father like he promised? Was he with the disciples when they gave their lives up? Did he prosper them like they were his people? They left their famlies, and jobs for him. Then what was their reward?
  • Seventh day is sabbath on Isaiah 56
    God promises us eternal life but you can't expect the road to be easy in getting there. It seems that the prosperity gospel is what you have been listening to? Empty yourself of "self" and ask God "what can I do for you today" not "what can God do for me today", if we are too full of "self" then there is no room for God.
  • Aim on Isaiah 56
    How can the clay ask the poter question. We are just a clay and God the poter. Make sure you are born again ready for jraven


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