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  • Maxann Eftink
    If a man and woman decide to get married but not legally but rather dedicate their lives together in holy matrimony under God, are they married in the eyes of God without committing sin? Or do they have to have the marriage documented and legal binding in order for it not to be sin?
  • Rebecca Godwin - in Reply
    You haft have a legal document if you don't its called shacking up..
  • Shane - in Reply
    In some states common-Law-marriage is recognized, others there is no such thing, but even in the new testament of the king james, they asked Jesus why Moses gave a certificate of devorce?clearly couples performed the act of marriage in a ceremony in some legal fashion involving some kind of certificate.....
  • Adam - in Reply
    My personal opinion is that if you truly commit to your spouse 100 percent and conduct a ceremony in front of witnesses and if you say you're married and believe you're married then I believe you are. I believe Adam and Eve were married in this way, but they had no witnesses other than God and animals. The question is why not have it legally documented, because of fear, concern, or something else?


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