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  • Terrell Rashar Reese on Matthew 16
    I honestly think that this lesson was a good one to discuss at church. When Peter says that God has forbid Jesus rising in 3 days is false obviously . But what I am not understanding is when Jesus said "Get thee behind me, Satan. If you can tell us people who didn't understand that verse, that will mean a lot.
  • Frank - in Reply on Matthew 16
    Read the rest of the verse and I think you will understand.
  • Vanessa - in Reply on Matthew 16
    Jesus asked Peter who do you say I am, he said the son of God, Peter knew the scriptures of the Old testament and knew He would being going to the cross to die for His people to save them , how he knew it was satan God bless you
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Matthew 16
    I take it that Satan was trying to influence Peter to prevent Jesus from his mission. Which of course was to die for all and rise the 3rd day.


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