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  • Tammy
    Romans 9 has me completely confused. Can someone explain it to me in plain English?
  • Shane - in Reply
    Romans chpt,9Paul is sad because the denial of the jews,God makes clear he is the maker of us all,wether one be for good or for bad its for his purpose,Even though the seeds number be as the sand of the sea,A remnant will be saved for all are not of the promise who are Israelites,that do works of the Law whose faith lyes in works,and will be judged there by,We though Grace by faith in Christ
  • Tammy - in Reply
    Ok, thanks muchly.
  • Steve - in Reply
    Not in this space - I am so sorry. Tammy, take the time to pray before you read, asking Our Lord to give you this wisdom. Read Romans Chapter 7 through 11 slowly without stopping repeat again and again . Take no pause between chapter numbers and verse numbers, because they are not stopping points, but just "numbers" that get in the way. May God Bless your search and learning.


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