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  • Lori
    I have read a lot of things about Christmas being a Pagan holiday first, then as time went on, the Christian's adopted the day and made it Jesus' birthday. Should we as Christian's be honoring our Lord and savior Jesus Christ on this day that is and was a Pagan holiday first?
  • Adam
    There is a lot of falsehoods in the media today. There are some accounts that Christians designated December 25 first as their holiday, then later pagans tried to take it over and corrupt it. If this is true, then should Christians give up and give it over to the pagans? The Christians's 1 holiday which gets worldwide attention toward Jesus every year we should throw away?
  • Charles
    I'm in the same quandary. I just read about this yesterday. Now what?
  • Serge
    Lori, sadly so, Christmas , Easter Sunday observances are not biblical. Also there was no bible in existence until the year 1609. Believers in Christ were tortured murder by the Babylonian sect known today as the Catholic Universal Church for not observing the dictates of the pope ,such as christmas. It was the Saturnalia the new born Sun of the 21 of December the Solstice celebration .
  • Adam
    The Bible was in existence. Maybe you are thinking it just wasn't printed on a printing press yet until Latin Vulgate in 1450s, although many thousands of copies existed by copying from hand that were meticulously compared. Jesus also quoted the Old Testament part of the Bible.
  • Lori
    My family isn't happy about this, but I told them to prove to me that we are to celebrate these pagan holidays, and I will gladly celebrate. I am thinking that this could possibly be one of Satan's greatest deceptions, everyone is so used to the traditions and I am very surprised and concerned that more people don't or haven't questioned this. Verse about ..The path is wide to distruction,
  • Lori
    I have made a definite decision about Christmas, this was a Pagan holiday, and all the traditions that we love so much mistletoe, the gift giving, the Christmas tree which is described in the Bible, says don't do as the heathens do cut a tree down and decorate it with silver and gold that's not verbadem but it none the less is describing a Christmas tree. And that right there was enough for me.


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