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  • Clarence
    Can an illustration of a Bible verse be considered a "graven image"?
  • Freedomborn in Truth......
    Clarence there is a lot of confusion about graven images some reject Christmas Trees and the Cross they say it was a Tree but Jesus calls it a Cross and without Christmas we would not have had Easter and without Easter there would have been no need for Christmas both are Confirmed as we remember Them it's as Ruben shared Worshiping anything or anyone instead of our Abba Father and Jesus-Love Annie
  • Ruben Hartness
    Clarence--More study on "graven image". The word "graven" is used through out the Bible. Check these and determine your answer. Exo20:4, 32:16, 39:6--Lev 26:1--Deu 4"16,23,25, 5:8 7:5,25, 12:3, 27:15, and many more from Exo. to Acts. Hope you find what you are searching for. Pray to God for knowledge and wisdom. Its amazing what He can do for you.
  • Vanisha
    A bible verse is the word of God. Truth to be followed and enlightened and guided by the holy spirit. It is Gods nourishment that restores and maintain the soul's health.
  • Ruben Hartness
    Clarence--A definition of "graven" engraved--"image" is what is engraved on or an "idol". Spiritually an idol can be a FALSE idol, but only if you worship it.


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