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  • Freedomborn***
    Yes Ben all those in our Families who God knows as His own who believed in Jesus like us we will be United with in Heaven But only God knows a Persons Heart5 6 and Destiny and some Repent on their deathbeds He tells us we will not remember the things of earth Isah 65:17 No Heartache only Joy in Heaven no Tears or suffering and so we will not remember those who are not with us. God Bless you- Anne
  • Mary Boardwine
    Yes I believe we will. According to scripture in Luke 16:22-23 the rich man knew Lazarus and Abraham. I know he wasnt in heaven but I believe we God is truth and why would he hid the truth of our life. I believe our life just carries on from this life to the next. I know it will be much different. The new bodies and lives but I think we will remember everything.
  • Mary Boardwine
    Ben, I hope you have been helped. Pray and ask the Lord to lead you into all truth. Seek his face and the Holy Spirit will manifest to you the things you ask. He has many teachers but the Spirit of God knows all things. Jesus loves to be asked and he loves to answer. Sometimes we cant hear because we listen to hard. Listen for a small still voice and he will speak to you because he wants to.
  • Freedomborn in Truth - Grannie Annie
    Mary as you said the Rich man was in Hell not in Heaven that is why he Remembered the things on earth which grieved him. God tells us they also can't Cross over Luke16:26 and in Heaven we won't Remember the things on this Earth Please read Isaiah 65:17 If God has said It we Believe It and that Settles It and if we have His Wisdom which we Ask for we will also Understand His Truth Blessings- Annie


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