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  • Doug
    in Matthew ch 25 v 1 what dose the lamp and oil represent?
  • Freedomborn in Truth...
    God prepares us Doug for His Good Works that He has Chosen us to do we are His Lamp or Light in the darkness but everyone has free will.The Oil as Mary shared is The Holy Spirit He Empowers us to do God's Works and if we are known as His Own we will do them in Love Matt25:31-46 Faith without God's Works is dead but fleshy works are not Heart focused their for Self- Glorifacation and Profit- Annie
  • Mary Boardwine
    My friend it represents the Heart and the Holy Spirit. You see we all have a lamp but we all are not diligent to keep it filled. the oil comes from time with the Lord, prayer and study of his word. You see if we neglect these then we burn out. So we need to keep our lamps or our heart trimmed and burning with the good oil of God.
  • Durbs
    a lamp and oil


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