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  • Hannah
    Going through hard times, my Marriage is coming to an end after nearly 5 years in it, I am the one initiating the separation as I have been hurt throughout, not happy not at peace no love ,I have sacrificed a lot for this to work but it dint I think am better of without it.Is it OK for me to go ahead?...I hope I will be happy, at peace without it.
  • Adam
    Unless your husband has broken his vows covenant to you through unfaithfulness or abuse I believe any and all means should be used to strengthen your marriage, through being loving giving him instead of focusing on what you're receiving. Vows and commitments are real and if you're the one initiating. What if the roles were reversed, would you divorce you? Read 1 Corinthians 7.
  • TJ
    I am there. 13 years married, and suddenly nothing. I have wanted to just walk away because it's the easy thing to do and start over. But we have a child. I prayed about it, and I was lead to find peace. I made a vow, not only to my wife, but to God. For better or worse. Read in order Matthew 17:20, Mark 4:36-39, John 14:12. Don't give up, have faith, and demand peace. Focus on God in you
  • Freedomborn in Truth......
    Dear Hannah it's not God's Will your Marriage ends He Loves you both Our Husbands are to Love us as Jesus Loves The Church and we are their Helpmates to Love and Respect their Leadership Jesus said Divorce shows a hard heart the same as continued Seperation its lack of forgivness even with Adulty we are to forgive if there is genuine Repentance but if they walk away we are no longer bound - Anne
  • TJ
    There is true divine order. Wives are to honor their husbands as head of the home. Husbands to honor their wives and love them as Christ loves the church and gave himself for it. Even sinners are saved by grace with repentance, as so it should be in the home. Woman was made from the rib, the side of man, to be by his side, not from the foot to be trampled on, or the hair to be made over the head
  • Freedomborn - Grannie Annie
    A Godly Response TJ and Adams too but I would value your advice God tells us that Woman are not to be in Authority in Marriage or to be in Positions of Authority over Men in Church and Preach1Cor14:34-37 We can share God's Truth and even Correct error but not in Authority except with Woman or Children But how can we ask our Husbands for Answers if they are rejecting God's Truth or they Abandon us
  • TJ
    That is where I was. My wife rejected the truth in her sin. I had to forgive her, but I was still rejected. I prayed and fasted and I just heard over and over, keep loving her. It was hard. I prayed so she could hear, read my bible to so she can see, and always kissed her and let her know I love her. It was hard, but we are on the mend because I never gave up God in me and loved her. Took 3 years
  • Freedomborn***
    What a Wonderful Godly Man you are TJ your wife is very Blessed even if she does not fully realize it yet. May your Love for her because of your Love for God first be multiplied to you over and over again. Woman do respond to Unconditional Love and God can Restore the lost years I will be Praying.TJ please Pray for my Marriage too, God knows our Story and our Hearts Christian Love Always- Annie.
  • TJ
    Bless you and thanks for the kind words. There is power in prayer, and where two or three are gathered in His name, He will be in the midst of them. The world today hates traditional families, and we should never stop fighting for the homes. I will pray for you as well, and all those above as well
  • Freedomborn in Unity
    Thank you TJ I appreciate your Faithfulness and I very much agree with you about families and Praying in Unity is very Powerful. If only the Churches would be in Unity too their differant beliefs have caused Seperation which the Apostle Paul warned about. If we all have The Mind of Christ we will be in agreement about God's Truth let's Pray for Their Unity too. God Bless you Dear Brother- Annie.


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