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  • JON DERIEL on Esther 10
    I am perplexed by all the comments herein about God and prayer. God is nowhere mentioned in the Book of Esther. Neither is prayer, nor keeping the commandments, nor religion of any kind, nor even living a virtuous life Mordecai pimps out his niece to gain influence in the royal court . It is a story of people who are a disliked minority in the land using their own wits and courage to survive.
  • Rahmi - in Reply on Esther 10
    The Additions to Esther Chapter 10 Verse 4 4. Then Mardocheus said, God hath done these things. 9. And my nation is this Israel, which cried to God, and were saved: for the Lord hath saved his people, and the Lord hath delivered us from all those evils, and God hath wrought signs and great wonders, which have not been done among the Gentiles. Also Verses 10-13 Chapters 11,13-16 See Apocrypha


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